Business Spotlight of the Week for Monday, July 16 - Brehm Preparatory School Foundation

The Carterville Chamber Business Spotlight of the Week for Monday, July 16th is Brehm Preparatory School Foundation.

The Brehm School Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity, makes an impact on the young lives of students with complex learning disabilities.

Brehm Preparatory School is a not-for-profit 501(3) co-educational college preparatory day and boarding school for students with learning disabilities, founded in 1982. Brehm Preparatory School is located in Carbondale, Illinois. The school enrolls students in grades 6-12. The average class size is eight in core content classes and 5 in learning cognition classes. Brehm’s student-teacher ratio is 4:1.

Since 1982, Brehm Preparatory School has been empowering students with learning disabilities and differences to recognize and optimize their potential. Designed around the way each child learns best, an Individualized Holistic Education Plan (IHEP) integrates cognitive, academic, social, and behavioral strategies into a comprehensive program designed to educate the whole child.

Brehm’s caring, highly qualified faculty and staff welcome students in grades 6 through 12+ into a dynamic new learning environment brimming with optimism. Working quickly to break down barriers, build trust, and rebuild self-confidence, they embrace students in a nurturing boarding school environment where each child feels accepted and supported.
This holistic experience produces students with the tools, skills, and confidence to become effective self-advocates and independent learners able to succeed in school, find fulfilling careers, and lead balanced multi-faceted lives.

With the help of your CONTRIBUTIONS, the Brehm School Foundation offers scholarships, teacher development, and funding for research to invest in the mission of Brehm School