Business Spotlight for Monday, September 3rd - Rosebud Antique Mall

The Carterville Chamber Business Spotlight of the Week is Rosebud Antique Mall.

Just imagine. A vision of an antique mall here in Carterville!  Located at the intersection of Herrin Road and Mayor Caliper Drive in Colp, Rosebud Antique Mall has been providing excellent antiques, vintage items, and home-made pickles and relishes for the past five years.  Leepy’s Gourmet Foods is also located there with an FDA inspected kitchen where pickles, relishes, and jams are made the old fashioned way, with real home-made goodness in every jar.  Along with our  30 vendors, we provide a continually changing stock of antique and unique vintage items for the collector or for the decorator,  who want something different for their home.  It might surprise many people to find that most antique furniture and other items are often made better in workmanship and materials than anything they could buy at the local, generic outlet store.  They were meant to be used and last a lifetime with pride of craft in every thing made.

 Southern Illinois and the region’s culture is an important part of Rosebud’s tradition.  We try to preserve the local traditions and send on quality merchandise that often have the name and manufacturer of local businesses from a bygone age.  Often are seen  the towns of Carterville, Carbondale, Marion, West Frankfort, Johnston City, Du Quoin, Pincknyeville, and Willisville, among others, proudly displayed on furniture, bottles, and other collectible items.  The holidays are important to us and we work hard to decorate our business with appropriate trimmings for every holiday to help keep alive the history and traditions that we love the best.

 At Rosebud, old met new with installation of our new solar energy system.  Currently, 68 solar panels provide the power for our mall!  We are so proud to be a family owned, solar powered Southern Illinois small business!

 We are honored to be chosen as Spotlight of the Week business in Carterville and hope you will all come and see us soon!