Carterville Chamber Business Spotlight of the Week for Monday, October 15th is SIH Cancer Institute

SIH Cancer Institute of Carterville is our Business Spotlight of the Week.

Both access and quality of cancer care has improved dramatically in southern Illinois since the SIH Cancer Institute opened its doors in November of 2014. Because incidence rates in our region are often higher than state and national averages, this vital access and state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment options are more important than ever. The SIH Cancer Institute – the only comprehensive cancer facility in southern Illinois – is at the forefront of intervention, but our work is just beginning.

The continuum of care provided by the Institute, spanning surgical, medical and radiation oncology, along with robust support and survivorship programs, is key to effectively reducing and preventing the impact of cancer on the people in the communities we serve. Our people and procedures provide comparable medical care a patient would receive at any facility, anywhere, but we are proud to be located right here in Carterville.

As the need grows, we grow. We look forward to expanding our services and capacity to better accommodate our friends and family in the future.

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