Carterville Chamber Business Spotlight of the Week will return on Monday, October 25th!

Carterville Chamber of Commerce Business Spotlights are randomly selected from a computer generated membership list.  Each week we share information provided by selected businesses, or business operational information we gather to promote our Chamber business members on all of our social media platforms, Chamber website and weekly Focus on the Chamber newsletter, etc.  Each year, we start with a fresh list.


The promotional value of spotlights is enhanced by viewers sharing the information and the resulting ripple effect of that sharing process.  We encourage everyone to read, like and then share the business spotlights on their personal and/or business Facebook page and other social media platforms.  The spotlights are also shared in our Weekly Focus on the Chamber newsletter which can also be forwarded to others as an additional method of increasing the promotional value.


Thank you to all of our businesses who are the fuel to our economy!