City of Carterville

Carterville City Hall

103 S. Division Street Carterville, IL
(618) 985-2700

Mayor Brad Robinson

City Clerk Khristina Hollister
Treasurer Mark Carney

City Council

Ward 1

Rod Sievers

Bud Edwards 

Ward 2

Curtis Oetjen

Tom Harness

Ward 3

Teri Ingram

John Allsopp

Ward 4

Tom Liebenrood

Phyllis Emery

Community Services

  • Carterville Police and Fire
  • Carterville Water and Sewer Department 985-2011
  • Carterville Street Department 985-2252
  • Carterville Heritage Museum  985-5465
  • Carterville United Food Pantry 985-3171 (open Tuesday and Friday)
  • Anne West Lindsey District Library 985-3298
  • John A.. Logan Historical Village